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the American Dream.
That any individual with will and reasonable fortitude can improve his/her Life by learning, cooperation and work.

- And we have to admit that this Dream is more human than "American", but American Dreamer is a handy catch-phrase, and in spite of our faults, we have probably done the best job with it.

YOU can choose to improve your Life, your family's . . . and others'.

You and the American Dreamer at Citizenship City.

Our job is to create a welcome home for families who have lost their home and moved to our country with hope and willingness to work for their dream.
To help them acculturate their new world and start toward their personal dream.

. . . and this is how we shall do it:

. We can start small with two or three different Participant families.

. American Dreamer advances them housing, food and a means to go to school and a living wage.

. . . but in essence, they will build their own housing together. Go to school together. Raise their school together. ... and probably start a business together.

Why 3 families? Why together?





We have managed to survive wars, in spite of the disasters they brought.
We were united.
Now we fear a stranger on the street, a religion in a distance place. . .
our neighbor, if he disagrees with us.
What do we do about it?
Can we do anything about it? . . . Need we?
Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.
So this is what we are doing: the American Dreamer is creating Citizenship City, and inviting disparate families to come, and live, and build, and improve their lives on the AD's dime. At least for a time… while they learn and get established
Who are these families? Maybe you, or someone you know, someone who could use a little help, but specifically, those with energy, ambition to improve themselves, who are also different form each other - different backgrounds, cultures, religions.
Immigrants: - We definitely want a Follower of Islam. That's where the main war is now. We want families, because we believe that is where the magic is - in their children. And we want these families different form each other - different backgrounds, cultures, religions.

Obviously, this is not the full story --- we are at the point of developing how to describe our purpose, goals, and methods -
What we have now are a few differnt web sites with different versions.

Try These: AmericanDreamer.org - citizenshipcity.com - citizenshipcity.org


We would love your opinion as to which seems better - and what more you would like to know.

Please send an Email to talk@C-City.org and give us your thoughts.